01 – Preface


Most of us feel we could be better Christians than we are.

We read about Jesus and his incredible life, and we realize how little like him we are. We see God use others around us in remarkable ways, and we’d like to see God use us as well.

But we feel inadequate. We read the Bible and don’t understand it. We pray and don’t feel like anything happens. We wish we understood more about the Christian life. We wish we felt more excitement. We wish we had the courage to witness to others. We get discouraged and settle into a habit of just going to church and trying to be a good person.

Your sense of inadequacy is a good sign. Your desire for God to do remarkable things in your life shows his Spirit is at work in you. Many others who call themselves Christian have no such desire. They believe church membership and some small degree of involvement is all God expects of his people.

They do not understand the Kingdom of God. Perhaps you don’t understand it either. Perhaps that’s why you don’t see where you fit into God’s revolutionary plan to change the world.

This study will help you see just exactly what God is accomplishing in the world. It will help you understand what he expects of you. It will lead you to Scriptures that reveal the secret of releasing God’s power in your own life. It will show you the part you play in God’s plan for the world.

If you let it, it will revolutionize your life.

This is an online book, not a random series of blog postings. To assist you in reading straight through, a link to the next chapter is posted at the bottom of each page. The categories at the right list each chapter in sequence.

I’m leaving these entries open for comments because I think the Holy Spirit teaches us better when we are in dialogue than when we muddle about in isolation. Constructive critiques are welcome; uncivilized excretions will be flushed. If you have questions, they may be addressed to kainosblog (at) gmail.com.

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