Mankind thwarted God’s first, best plan for creation, but God’s love remained unchanged. He would give up on mankind no sooner than a mother would give up on her wayward child.

God determined to bring creation back to himself, to restore the perfect harmony destroyed by rebellion. He would put aside the injury mankind had done him and renew the relationship. He would rescue all of creation from its slavery to death. Once again, peace and freedom would reign.

This was no minor task. Mankind had chosen rebellion. Death ruled the universe. Only a radical change could restore the harmony between God and his creation. God committed himself to that revolution – bringing creation back full circle to himself.

God had several options. He could have obliterated the world and begun all over again. He could have sent the forces of rebellion screaming into oblivion. But he chose instead to win back mankind’s love. He wanted mankind to return to him the same way it left – freely.

So God made a remarkable choice. He decided to win mankind back by sending someone to declare his love. In fact, he decided to solve the problem by using the very source of the problem – a human life.

The task was enormous: Bring a rebellious world, locked in the grip of death, back into a loving relationship with its Creator.

For this assignment, God chose Abraham, a simple nomad who would respond in faith when called to a daunting task. He made a promise to Abraham: I will bless you beyond your wildest dreams, if you will tell the world of my love for them.

God’s promise had a purpose. God was willing to pour out his richest blessings if Abraham would cooperate in rescuing the world from death and reconciling it to the Lord. God reaffirmed the promise with Abraham’s children.

God’s agreement with Israel required the nation to serve as a nation of priests. That meant Israel was to stand between: interceding with God on behalf of sinful mankind; declaring to the world the Creator’s willingness to forgive.

This required Israel to be different from the other nations. God’s people could represent him only if they showed the rest of the world what it meant to live in peace and harmony with God and each other. They could not indulge themselves in the world’s rebellions and still walk beside the Father.

God called Israel to stand as a lighthouse to nations lost in darkness. As they proclaimed the message of love and forgiveness, he would draw mankind back to himself. Mankind could return as freely as it left. Rebellion and death would be left behind. Peace and harmony would be restored.

If only Israel would be different and proclaim the message.

Read it for yourself!
Genesis 12.1-8; Exodus 19.1-6; Exodus 23.32-33; Isaiah 49.1-6

Think about it!
Why do you think God is so determined to do whatever it takes to bring his lost children back to himself?

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