10 – Our mission


Jesus had completed his mission for the Father. He had found the comrades God had set apart for him. He had taught them about the Kingdom.

His work was done. He had endured the agony of the cross. He had suffered for the sins of mankind. He had laid down his life so others could make peace with God.

After God raised him from the dead, Jesus appeared to his disciples. He gave them proof of his physical resurrection. He taught them about God’s Kingdom.

Jesus also said that his disciples must complete the mission he had begun. He told them : “As the Father sent me, so I am sending you.” His mission became theirs. Through Jesus, God had been reconciling the world to himself. Now, through the disciples, that work would continue.

Jesus had given his life to spreading the good news about God’s love and forgiveness. Now his disciples would devote their lives to the same work. It was their turn to extend the Kingdom, their turn to demonstrate God’s revolutionary power in human lives.

The disciples also were told how to accomplish the mission. Jesus called his disciples from among the people he had contact with every day. He told them, in turn, to make disciples of those they met along the way. God would give them disciples, just as he had given them to Jesus. They would teach their disciples, just as Jesus had taught them.

Their lives would be focused on building the Kingdom. Along the paths of daily life, they had contact with people: Family. Friends. Neighbors. Business contacts. Casual acquaintances. Among them would be people enslaved by the Enemy. People living in rebellion against God. People needing to find peace with God.

They would build relationships with these people. They would come to understand their struggles and sorrows. In the name of Christ, they would meet their needs. They would share how the power of God had freed them from sin and given them new meaning and purpose in life. They would teach them about Jesus and help them make peace with God. Then they would help the new disciples begin the process all over again with families, friends, and neighbors.

God would give them the power and wisdom to do this, just as he had given Jesus power and wisdom. The work that had consumed Jesus would consume them as well. Jesus said they would do what he had been doing.

Jesus expected no less of his disciples than he expected of himself. In fact, he promised them they would do even greater things than he had done. Because he was leaving to be with the Father, his Spirit could be multiplied through all of them. Because of their numbers, because of the years that lay ahead, they could carry the good news to all the peoples throughout the whole earth. They could complete the revolution God had begun in Jesus: defeating the Evil One, freeing the captives, and bringing the world back into harmony with God.

Read it for yourself!
Matthew 28.18-20; John 5.16-19; John 14.12-14; John 20.19-23; 2 Corinthians 5.14-20

Think about it!
Who were the people who helped you see your need for Christ? How did God use them to influence you?

Who has God placed in your life who needs you to influence them for Christ? What are you doing to reach them for Christ?

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