13 – Our weapons


In the valley stood a giant. Ten feet tall. Bellowing out threats against God’s people. Mocking God. “Send one man out to fight me,” he roared. “If I win, you will serve us. If he wins, we will be your slaves.”

If the physical presence of Goliath wasn’t daunting enough, the stakes for Israel were. It would be an all or nothing fight for the future of the people. On top of that, he mocked God. The fight would be a showdown between the giant’s pagan gods and the God of Abraham.

Courageous David decided to face the monster. King Saul, looking at David’s physical disadvantage, insisted the young man take his armor. But David knew the spiritual battle was more crucial than the physical. Faith in God, not superior weaponry, would be his salvation. David stepped out in the name of God, and the giant fell.

Most of us are so focused on our physical circumstances that we fail to see the spiritual challenges before us. We spend our energies trying to make ends meet. We exhaust ourselves on the treadmill of activities. We are so distracted and frightened by what we see that we miss our chance to slay the giant. Instead, we find his foot on our neck.

God has equipped you with the spiritual weapons you need to defeat the Enemy and gain great victories for the Kingdom.

Five pieces form your spiritual armor.

Helmet of salvation You are God’s own child. He redeemed you from slavery himself. He will not allow the Enemy to overcome you. You are secure in your relationship with God. The power within you is greater than the Enemy’s power. Give no place to doubt. Take your stand for God in confidence.

Breastplate of righteousness The Enemy will point out your failures and shortcomings. He will try to convince you that you are unworthy to be a child of God. He is right. But your relationship with God is based on Jesus’ worthiness before God, not yours. Your sins have been wiped out. When God sees you, he sees Jesus. Stand tall before the Enemy.

Belt of truth Truth is on your side. Truth will win over the Enemy’s lies. Fill your heart with truth and stand by it. Be sure your conduct does not make a lie of God’s truth. Give evil and falsehood no place in your life. Let truth, not feelings or desires, guide your choices.

Sandals of good news Spreading the good news of the Kingdom matters more than anything else in your life. Everything else comes second. Know how to share the good news. Understand what it has done in your life. See how it can help others. Be alert for the opportunities. Be prepared to take advantage of them.

Sword of the Spirit The Scriptures are God’s Word to us. Get to know them. In them you will find truth, guidance, assurance, and comfort. Learn their lessons. Let God use them to speak to your heart. Look to them to cut through the Enemy’s lies and reveal the truth. Use them to persuade others about God’s love and forgiveness. And remember that God’s Word is the Living Word that empowers the Book. God’s Living Word has existed from eternity. By its power God created the world. God’s Living Word is the power that raised Jesus from death to eternal life.

Shield of faith When you come under Enemy fire, take shelter behind your trust in God. Do not be deceived by circumstances and events. Walk by faith, not by sight. Be confident that God already has won the victory. Stake your life on his faithfulness. Trust him to deliver you.

After Paul describes the spiritual weapons God has given us, he talks about using them in battle. But he does not talk about doing good deeds. He does not talk about witnessing. He does not talk about church work. He talks about prayer.

David’s battle with Goliath was not won when the stone flew from the sling. It was won in David’s close relationship with the Living God. Our battles are won or lost in the way we walk with God.

Prayer is talking with God and letting him talk with you. Prayer is taking a stand against the spiritual forces of darkness that influence events and circumstances in the world. Prayer is claiming before we walk into battle the victory God already has won.

But prayer is more than kneeling before God. Prayer is as much an attitude as it is an action. Prayer is living every moment in touch with God. Prayer is continually seeking his leadership. Prayer is the constant communication with God that you need to successfully meet our challenge: continuing Jesus’ mission, completing God’s revolution, setting all God’s lost children free from their slavery to the Tyrant.

Read it for yourself!
1 Samuel 17.1-54; 2 Corinthians 6.7; 2 Corinthians 10.3-4; Ephesians 6.10-18

Think about it!
Give examples of situations where each of the pieces of armor protects Christians from Satan’s attacks: helmet of salvation, breastplate of righteousness, belt of truth, sandals of good news, Sword of the Spirit, shield of faith.

What can you think of that would keep Christians from praying as much as they need to?

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