The whole world cries out in distress. Billions of helpless souls suffer at the hands of a ruthless oppressor. The chains of slavery weigh them down.

A broken-hearted God feels their agony. He yearns to deliver them from the Tyrant. More than anything, he wants them to know the freedom and peace of a relationship with him.

God needs people willing to accept the challenge of rescuing his lost children. People willing to give up their own lives so others can be free. People willing to put the Kingdom first. People willing to help him re-create the world.

God promises to bless those who take up the challenge, just like he promised to bless Abraham’s people for being a light to the nations. If anyone will stand apart and spread the good news of love and forgiveness, he will pour out his greatest riches on them. Peace. Joy. Fulfillment. Friendship with God. And power. Incredible power. The power that created the universe. The power that raised Jesus from the grave. The power that transforms us and sets us free. The power that overcomes evil and death. The power that will radically change the world.

But the task before you is enormous. Billions of people have not heard of God’s love and forgiveness and deliverance. Their minds are darkened by ritual religion and dead-end philosophy. They revel in selfish pleasures and indulgence. They are born faster than we can add missionaries to preach to them. They die before we can carry the good news to them ourselves.

How can we possibly tell them all in time?

There is good news.

First, people are hungry for spiritual fulfillment. They know there is more to life than eating and drinking and having sex. They know their selfish pursuits leave them unsatisfied. They want to know God and be at peace with him, even though many don’t realize that’s what they are wanting. They wantto know about the Kingdom.

Second, God only asks us to share the good news. He does not make us responsible for others responding to it. If you will spread the word of love and forgiveness, he asks no more. Others must choose for themselves whether they will accept God’s gift of life and be free.

Third, God has given us a method by which the entire world could hear the good news in your lifetime. It would work even if you were the only person willing to help start the revolution.

It works on two principles.

First, the Kingdom grows through relationships. Physically, you are the product of a long line of fathers and mothers. Children grow into men and women who in turn bear children. In the same way, you are the spiritual offspring of those who have influenced you. Your mission is to mature and then bring others into the Kingdom. The Kingdom passes from your life into theirs.

Second, the Kingdom multiplies. God didn’t ask Abraham and Sarah to personally give birth to an entire nation – one person at a time. God multiplied the nation over generations.

This principle is as old as creation itself. God told his creation to “be fruitful and multiply.” One corn stalk does not feed the entire world on its own. Instead it produces its seeds and dies. Those kernels of corn yield other stalks, which in turn produce others.

Say that a kernel of corn produces one stalk with two ears, each bearing 250 kernels. If those 500 kernels are then planted and each produces a stalk with two ears of 250 kernels each, the kernels then number 250,000. If each of those kernels produces two ears, the kernels number 125 million. Those kernels in turn would produce 62.5 billion kernels. From a single kernel of corn, five plantings could produce 62.5 billion kernels, each with the same potential as the original.

Plant seeds of the Kingdom in the lives of those around you. Ask God to give you, in the next year, just one other person to join the Kingdom. Then during the next year, each of you rescue just one other. Then the four of you each rescue another in the next year. In the fourth year, eight of you will rescue eight more. Each year, each one rescues one more.

The Kingdom continues to multiply. In 20 years, 1 million people have found freedom and peace with God. In 25 years, 33 million. In 30 years, 1 billion. In the 32nd year, 4.2 billion. Soon God has brought home all of his lost children who are willing to be rescued. And all anyone has done is faithfully share the good news and trust God to win one person each year.

The whole world lies in darkness. Your lost brothers and sisters suffer and die helplessly at the hands of a ruthless tyrant. God wants more than anything to overthrow the Oppressor and set the captives free. He stands ready to bless those who will give themselves wholeheartedly to his mission.

God calls you to stand apart and be different. He calls you to give up your own life and put the Kingdom first. He fills you with his unbelievable power. He promises to do greater things in you than he did in Jesus himself.

You can be the one who starts the movement that brings the entire world back to God in your lifetime. Will you trust God and take the challenge? Will you be the one?

Read it for yourself!
John 15.1-8; John 12.24; Acts 1.1-8; Ephesians 3.20-21; Matthew 25.31-46

Think about it!
Ask God to give you the names of five people with whom you can share the good news of salvation. Ask him to let you lead at least one of them to Christ in the next year. Write the names on a sheet of paper.

Ask God to give you the names of five Christians you can recruit for God’s revolution. Write those names down too.

Now ask God to show you the opportunities he is giving you to touch those lives for his kingdom and advance his revolution in the world.

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